Mother and Baby on Floor




As your birth doula, you will have my unwavering support before, during and after birth. You (and your partner) will feel educated, safe and well prepared to make the best decisions for you and your baby, regardless of the type of birth you will have. To see what this service includes, click the learn more button!


My approach to the postpartum period focuses on the traditional importance of the 'first 40 days', and my goal is to support, nourish and mother the mother. With my support, you can ensure you will be taken care of mentally and physically, and that your body and psyche are being listened to, to allow them to heal.



What's included in your service?

  • Initial no obligation meeting (1 hour)

  • Two prenatal visits (up to two hours each) including preparation of Birth Plan / Preferences

  • On call between 37 and 42 weeks

  • Back-up doula in case of a long labour over 15 hours (if required)

  • Immediate postpartum support up to 2 hours after birth (if needed)

  • One postpartum visit to debrief birth (up to 2 hours)

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • Referral to other support professionals and services as required

  • How to make informed birth choices

  • Use of Labour TENS Machine

  • “Using Essential Oils Safely During Pregnancy” eBook

  • Extra gifts to surprise you

  • Discounted prices for postpartum support packages

  • Emotional, mental and physical support and preparation for your birth

  • Evidence-backed advice and techniques for decision making 

  • Learn about the physiology of birth and understand your body and power

  • Access to resources, including peer-reviewed studies and videos

  • Techniques to prepare your mind and body for birth, including breathing techniques & meditation

  • Nutrition advice

  • Learn labour and birth positioning

  • Support and advice on preparing your birthing environment

  • Learning your rights as a childbearing person

  •  Provision of massage and acupressure during labour and birth

  • Provision of natural pain relief 

  • Support for your partner (if applicable) and what they can do leading up to, during and after labour and birth



Supporting new parents and allowing them to heal mentally, physically and emotionally after any type of birth.

What's included in your service?

  • Initial no obligation consultation (up to 1 hour)

  • Custom number of sessions, 2 hours each

  • Birthing experience debrief 

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Traditional Moroccan womb steaming and foot soak session for healing

  • Nutrition advice 

  • Traditional Indian belly binding

  • Learning relaxation techniques to calm down and allow your body to heal

  • Preparation of nutritious meals 

  • Access to traditional warming postpartum recipes

  • Postpartum oil massage to help your body heal

  • Learn about the phases of the postpartum period

  • Provision of padsicles + learn how to make them

  • Emotional, mental and physical support 

  • Learn about the first 40 days and the importance of this time

  • Phone and email support 

  • Access to support groups and professional resources specific to postpartum support

  • Learn baby-wearing/carrying techniques

  • Extra gifts

  • Any other support you may need! E.g. Childminding so you can enjoy a relaxing bath etc

  • Help identifying when you should seek professional mental health support (signs of postpartum depression & PTSD)

  • And more activities and experiences to help you through this time!